USA Esta visa program for Australians

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The Esta Visa program welcomes all Australians to come and visit the United States of America. Stay for a day, a week or a month or two, enjoy yourself while you are here. Let us show you how to travel abroad before you book your visit with the “Esta Visa Waiver Program for USA”. We make it much simpler than it sounds.

The “Esta Visa Waiver Program for USA” or the Electronic System for Travel Authorization is a unique program where we work together with a select group of countries to make screening and entering these countries easier and safer for all residents and visitors. Gone are the long and tedious days of waiting for months on end for your visa travel pass. Your travel is screened, verified, documented and tracked by the government electronically. Through our on-line esta application service, we can provide you with the following services and more:

One on one service specialized only for you, we want to make sure that your on-line application experience and documentation process is completed correctly and effectively. While the system is an automated system, we are available through the on-line support services and instant chat to guide you step by step. Your experience, impression and success in the process are our top priority. Your Visa IS only prepared by a professional agent, you can rest assured of our commitment to you and your privacy at all times.

Settling for mediocre service and no help can set you back in your travel plans. Our goal is to ensure that you enjoy your trip to the United States of America. There is nothing that we will not do to ensure that your trip is a success. The Esta Visa for Australians is our business; it’s not just what we think. It’s what we know. Our clients walk away with their documents in hand because that is what we do.

Please Note: You must apply for your Esta Visa Before your make your travel arrangements. However, when you do make your travel arrangements, you must also book your return flight, so be prepared.

A Documented Journey into Canada and the ETA Program

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Protecting a country and its citizens requires that the government be able to track the foreign visitors that come into the country. The implementation of the Electronic Travel Authorization Program is designed to track when foreigners come into and leave the country. Some common questions and concerns revolving around the Canada ETA program include:

The ETA is a way for the Canadian government to strengthen and secure their citizens and their immigration policy. Canada and the United States will enact a common approach to ensure that they are working in unison when screening the visa-exempt foreigners. The program will allow the government to control a foreigner’s access to their country on a real time basis. Individuals who have a criminal history or who have fraud convictions will be denied access. The government is sure to have further restriction in place in deny others access to the country based on background checks and findings. The regulations will indicate who if any will be exempt from being required to apply for the ETA before each visit.

With individuals having to apply for the authorization by way of computers, a decision can be made in minutes. Once the individual’s information is entered into the computer, the government would be able to run a check quicker than it would be to complete the application in paper format. Through the electronic processing, the government is making a paper trail of an individual’s whereabouts while in Canada. Their primary purpose and desired outcome of the ETA is to be able to find these individuals should they surpass the anticipated and granted stay.

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The ETA will become active on August 1, 2015 on a voluntary basis. This trial will allow the public to become familiar with the program and to identify any possible discrepancies with the hardware/software. Effective March 15, 2016, individuals will be barred from entering Canada without having the approval to enter under the ETA rules and guidelines. There will be no exceptions to this rule regarding access, so come prepared.

When planning on traveling to Canada, an individual should first apply for and wait for the entrance approval before purchasing any vacation items, packages and so forth. Take care, caution and most important, take responsibility of your surroundings and the expectations of those whose who will remain exempt under the new regulations.